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* CConsoleHandler.h, part of VCMI engine
* Authors: listed in file AUTHORS in main folder
* License: GNU General Public License v2.0 or later
* Full text of license available in license.txt file, in main folder
namespace boost
template<typename signature>
class function;
class thread;
/// Class which wraps the native console. It can print text based on
/// the chosen color
class DLL_EXPORT CConsoleHandler
boost::function<void(const std::string &)> *cb; //function to be called when message is received
int curLvl; //logging level
boost::thread *thread;
int run();
void setColor(int level); //sets color of text appropriate for given logging level
CConsoleHandler(); //c-tor
~CConsoleHandler(); //d-tor
void start(); //starts listening thread
void end(); //kills listening thread
template<typename T> void print(const T &data, int level)
std::cout << data << std::flush;
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