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I. Getting the sources
VCMI is still in development. You can get the sources with subversion:
svn co vcmi
II. Compiling
Optionaly, if you want to regenerate the build system, you will need the following tools:
* libtool
* automake
* autoconf
And then regenerate the build system with
autoreconf -i
To compile, at least the following packages (and their development counterparts) are needed to build:
* libstdc++ devel
* SDL and SDL-devel
* SDL_mixer and SDL_mixer-devel
* SDL_image and SDL_image-devel
* SDL_ttf and SDL_ttf-devel
* zlib and zlib-devel
* the ffmpeg libraries (libavformat and libswscale). Their name could be libavformat-devel and libswscale-devel, or ffmpeg-libs-devel or similar names.
* boost c++ libraries v1.36+ (1.35 will not work) (
- program-options
- filesystem
- iostreams
- system
- thread
On Ubuntu 9.04 or later, run:
sudo apt-get install g++ libsdl1.2debian-all libsdl-image1.2-dev libsdl-ttf2.0-dev libsdl-mixer1.2-dev zlib1g-dev libavformat-dev libswscale-dev libboost-dev libboost-filesystem-dev libboost-iostreams-dev libboost-system-dev libboost-thread-dev libboost-program-options-dev
Create a directory /YOUR_INSTALL_PATH/vcmi (such as
/usr/local/share/games/vcmi) that will contain the game data files. The /vcmi at the end is necessary.
Then run configure:
./configure --datadir=/YOUR_INSTALL_PATH/ --bindir=/YOUR_INSTALL_PATH/vcmi --libdir=/YOUR_INSTALL_PATH/
On linux, by default, gcc is used. You can also use icc or clang by prefixing the
configure command:
CXX=clang ./configure ...
CXX=icc ./configure ...
Then build vcmi:
That will generate vcmiclient, vcmiserver as well as 3 .so libraries.
II. Installing Heroes of Might and Magic 3
VCMI needs an installed version of Heroes III as well as WoG on top of
it. The version of Heroes needed is either Shadow of Death
or Complete.
Wog can be downloaded from:
Wine can be used to install both.
Install Heroes 3 and Wog. Then move all the installed files into
/YOUR_INSTALL_PATH/vcmi. For instance that will create
Once both programs are installed, you can install VCMI.
Download the windows VCMI release (at time of writing:
and extract it in a private directory. Populate /YOUR_INSTALL_PATH/vcmi:
mv sprites /YOUR_INSTALL_PATH/vcmi/Sprites
mv Data/* /YOUR_INSTALL_PATH/vcmi/Data
mv Fonts Games /YOUR_INSTALL_PATH/vcmi/
If you also have the original linux version of Heroes, you can also install the videos:
cp -a /PATH_TO_CDROM/data/video /YOUR_INSTALL_PATH/vcmi/Data
III. Installing VCMI
Since VCMI is still in development, there's no install procedure, although something like this will work:
DESTDIR=/path/to/heroes3 make install
You also need to update configuration files:
cp /PATH/TO/SOURCE/config /path/to/heroes3
For development puposes, it's better to use links. Go
to /YOUR_INSTALL_PATH/vcmi, and type:
ln -s /PATH_TO_VCMI/client/vcmiclient
ln -s /PATH_TO_VCMI/server/vcmiserver
ln -s /PATH_TO_VCMI/config
ln -s /PATH_TO_VCMI/AI/GeniusAI/.libs/
ln -s /PATH_TO_VCMI/AI/StupidAI/.libs/
And start ./vcmiclient