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#ifndef __STARTINFO_H__
#define __STARTINFO_H__
#include "global.h"
#include <vector>
#include <string>
* StartInfo.h, part of VCMI engine
* Authors: listed in file AUTHORS in main folder
* License: GNU General Public License v2.0 or later
* Full text of license available in license.txt file, in main folder
/// Struct which describes the name, the color, the starting bonus of a player
struct PlayerSettings
enum Ebonus {brandom=-1,bartifact, bgold, bresource};
si32 castle, hero, //ID, if -1 then random, if -2 then none
heroPortrait; //-1 if default, else ID
std::string heroName;
si8 bonus; //usees enum type Ebonus
ui8 color; //from 0 -
ui8 handicap;//0-no, 1-mild, 2-severe
std::string name;
ui8 human; //0 - AI, non-0 serves as player id
template <typename Handler> void serialize(Handler &h, const int version)
h & castle;
h & hero;
h & heroPortrait;
h & heroName;
h & bonus;
h & color;
h & handicap;
h & name;
h & human;
bonus = brandom;
castle = -2;
heroPortrait = -1;
/// Struct which describes the difficulty, the turn time,.. of a heroes match.
struct StartInfo
ui8 mode; //uses EMode enum
ui8 difficulty; //0=easy; 4=impossible
bmap<int, PlayerSettings> playerInfos; //color indexed
ui8 turnTime; //in minutes, 0=unlimited
std::string mapname;
ui8 whichMapInCampaign; //used only for mode CAMPAIGN
ui8 choosenCampaignBonus; //used only for mode CAMPAIGN
PlayerSettings & getIthPlayersSettings(int no)
if(playerInfos.find(no) != playerInfos.end())
return playerInfos[no];
tlog1 << "Cannot find info about player " << no <<". Throwing...\n";
throw std::string("Cannot find info about player");
PlayerSettings *getPlayersSettings(const ui8 nameID)
for(bmap<int, PlayerSettings>::iterator it=playerInfos.begin(); it != playerInfos.end(); ++it)
if(it->second.human == nameID)
return &it->second;
return NULL;
template <typename Handler> void serialize(Handler &h, const int version)
h & mode;
h & difficulty;
h & playerInfos;
h & turnTime;
h & mapname;
h & whichMapInCampaign;
h & choosenCampaignBonus;
mode = INVALID;
choosenCampaignBonus = -1;
#endif // __STARTINFO_H__
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