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Quick start

So, you need to grab our overlay, add some patches there and send it us.

It's mostly a set of following commands:

# first-time preparation
$ git clone git://
$ git remote add upstream git://
$ git remote update
# usual workflow:
#   update:
$ git pull --rebase upstream master
#   hax-in teh patch:
$ git commit -m "meaningful message"
#   push:
$ git push -f origin master
#   go to your github page to send pull request

Some notes:

  • --rebase parameter allows us to avoid useless merge commits: commits are usually absolutely independent, so we like linear history.

  • Commit one ebuild at a time: don't modify more, than one package in single commit. It makes review easier.

  • Write meaningful commit messages! Look at the examples in the tree: git log

    app-admin/haskell-updater: bump up to (ghc-7.2 support)

If you don't like github for some reason you can send us patches as well. Just export them (or publish the tree somewhere else) and send them out to

$ git format-patch -o PATCHES upstream/master..
$ git send-email PATCHES/


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