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This script provides an easy way to codesign a DoubleDutch created iOS event app.

Getting Started

This script is pretty simple in the end but there are a few requirements.


Required on local system for script and for recodesigning process:

  • Provisioning Profile for your app (must have push entitlement and associated domains)
  • Distribution Certificate, with associated private key, in Keychain Access
    • We have found that this is often missed, especially in that the Certificate exists on the computer, but does not have associated private key.
  • Up-to-date Xcode and Xcode Command Line Tools installed (for PlistBuddy command)
  • The .ipa that to be resigned will be provided by DoubleDutch.

Some notes and explanations

  • This script requires 2 arguments, it cannot run without both files.
  • This app claims 2 specific entitlements: Apple's Push Notification Services, Associated Domains and Keychain Access. Push Notifications rely on a setting in the Provisioning profile
    • Push Notifications Services must be enabled on your Provisioning Profile for recodesigning to be successful
    • If the push notifications entitlement is not in the Provisioning Profile, this script will output the message "This provisioning profile doesn't have push entitlement!"
    • Associated Domains allow the DoubleDutch created app to open an associated DoubleDutch URLs.
    • Keychain Access is necessary to store the users login and password combination, so that the user can access the app, after closing and reopening, without re-logging in.


Clone this repo or download the .zip If you want the ultimate in convenience, put this repo in a safe place, then add to your $PATH


  • Unzip the handoff folder that was sent to you.
  • Launch terminal and run '' with minimum 2 arguments (The arguments can be run in any order.)
sh path/to/ path/to/app.ipa path/to/profile.mobileprovision
  • There are several optional flags.
    • e For Enterprise Distribution (internal distribution, but not ad hoc)
    • h help
    • t enable TestFlight option in script (TestFlight is enabled by default)
    • v change the version and use a new provisioning profile
    • E the same as -e and -v, enterprise signing and custom versions
sh path/to/ -e path/to/app.ipa path/to/profile.mobileprovision


sh path/to/ -E path/to/app.ipa path/to/profile.mobileprovision
  • When finished you will have a folder on your Desktop called 'Codesign_Output'.
    • In this folder you will find the .ipa file ready to be submitted or distributed and the entitlements.plist file that was used in codesigning; this file can be helpful in troubleshooting.
    • This folder will open automatically after the script has run.


An example of how this could look (file paths and names will vary):

sh ~/Desktop/provided.ipa ~/Downloads/app.mobileprovision



This script provides an easy way to codesign a DoubleDutch created iOS event app.




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