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Export/Import all sources in UDL format for ISC Caché 2016
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Export/Import sources in UDL format for ISC Caché 2016.2


Download code and run

do $System.OBJ.ImportDir("/dir/cache-udl","*.xml;*.cls;*.mac;*.int;*.inc;*.dfi","ck",,1)

or import the release to the namespace.

Map sc package to %All namespace to make it visible in any namespace.


Setup working directory ( optional )

NS> w ##class(sc.code).workdir("/path/to/your/working/directory/")

Export to working directory:

NS> d ##class(sc.code).export()


NS> d ##class(sc.code).import()

Compile and Release:

Introduce cos.json file in the source root directory with settings for the code mask and for the name of the project. e.g.

 "compileList": "Classes*.INC,classes*.CLS,*.DFI",
 "projectName": "myproject"

Run init method to initialize project settings:

NS> d ##class(sc.code).init()

Then run release to export all the classes in comileList into one "myproject.xml" release file. It will export it into the default for current Namespace directory.

NS> d ##class(sc.code).release()

Or compile it whenever you want to compile all the proejct related resources.

NS> d ##class(sc.code).compile()
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