Webdev environment installation with Vagrant and Ansible
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Easy webdev environment installation

Build your next webdev environment easily by running a single script. You will need to have recent versions of both Vagrant and Ansible installed.

What will be installed

  • Debian 7
  • PHP 5 (latest version)
  • Nginx (latest version)
  • MariaDB

Installing and configuring the vm

Once Vagrant, Ansible and virtualisation software (such as Virtualbox) is installed, checkout this repo by running git clone git@github.com:doublehops/debian-webdev-environment in a blank directory and then run vagrant up. Run vagrant provision to push any Ansible Playbook changes back to the virtual machine. Run vagrant ssh to ssh into the vm.

Add a record to /etc/hosts echo ' development' | sudo tee -a /etc/hosts and point your web browser to http://development/