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39 Ridiculous Box Shadows

Delicious, juicy CSS3.

Ripe for the taking.

Oh, the glory.


Inspired by Doug Avery’s post, this handy little Stylus/CSS Library is just waiting for you to share the shadowy goodness on the Web.

File Layout

  • Each box shadow is separated into its own file, so you can @import only the shadows you need.
  • The stylus directory is the “true” source code. It generates everything you see in css and css-min.
  • If you don’t use Stylus (you totally should, though), there’s pre-compiled CSS ready for you to use out of the box. There’s even pre-minified CSS if you prefer. Aren’t I thoughtful? :-)
  • The filenames are silly, I know… They’re named after the CSS class names of the original author. I’d like to do something to improve the situation without completely losing the whimsy, though. (Maybe symlinks…?)
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