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+### Modula Gitlab
**Modula Gitlab** is a mashup of **Modula Mojito** and the Gitlab standard theme.
In the spirit of further linking Gitlab and Redmine, I have created this theme. For details on official integration, see [gitlabhq/gitlabhq#97](
+### Screenshots
+![Overview Screenshot](
+ "Overview")
+![New Issue Screenshot](
+ "New Issue")
+![Repository Screenshot](
+ "Repository")
+### Credits
**Modula Mojito** [mindclick/modula-mojito]( is a great theme for [Redmine]( made by [Modula](
Modula has [not been able to maintain the theme]( through to the latest versions of Redmine, so this repository takes the [last published version from Modula]( and adds a few improvements show in the page's comments.

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