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The recommended way to build xwax is to run "make" with your chosen
compile options, followed optionally by "make install" to install at
the given prefix; eg.
$ make PREFIX=/usr ALSA=yes
$ make PREFIX=/usr ALSA=yes install # as root
If PREFIX is not given, the user's home directory is used and "make
install" does not need to be run as root.
Different audio device types are enabled using the compile options:
If you are doing multiple builds you may like to put the compile
options in a file named '.config' in the source directory instead of
on the command line. There is a script to generate this file; for more
information run
$ ./configure --help
Compilation errors are most likely the result of missing
libraries. You need the libraries and header files installed for:
* libSDL:
* SDL_ttf (sometimes part of the SDL package, sometimes not)
Optional dependencies are:
* libasound: (for ALSA=yes)
* JACK: (for JACK=yes)
These libraries are packaged with most Linux distributions and this is
the recommended way to install them.