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Consider sides C, D in addition to the current A, AA, B
check [playlist] header in .pls files
Test against master scan script to ensure 100% backwards compatibility
Finish adding varible-length space/underscore support
Fix issue with improper parsing of filenames with multiple dashes
Add config option to build with album art support
Test for Imagemagick dependency
Add config option to build with playlist support
Test for xsltproc dependency
Add deck status at bottom of deck waveform
Many calls to this:
pixels = surface->pixels;
bytes_per_pixel = surface->format->BytesPerPixel;
pitch = surface->pitch;
any improvement from not calling surface->format and surface->pitch
why not just call it in the initialization fn?
Upgrade to SDL 1.3
Render library as a software surface (initially)
Use Accelerated 2D API for players/info
Check issue with TTF rendering and SDL 1.3
Add vsync
More testing with 48Khz (and other non-44.1Khz) audio files
Revive xwaxmac port