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#TigerJS Todo

###The offical Todo example app for:

TigerJS, the modular rapid-development framework for Titanium Mobile apps

Based off of Alloy's example todo app found at:

And loosely off TodoMVC


Titanium Mobile is a single-context JavaScript application framework for building cross-platform mobile apps. Its unique design, but adherence to common standards, allows powerful existing web-development tools to build native calls to device code.

TigerJS is an expanded port of the popular single-page webapp framework, SpineJS. (Spine is similar to Backbone, although I find it to be more simple, and therefore more flexible and more powerful.) Rather than "reinventing the wheel", TigerJS builds on production-ready, battle-tested code that has launched countless apps across tech.

TigerJS is:

  • modular -- TigerJS has a clear separation of concerns (MVC/MVVM), and its libraries can be used singly or as a package.

  • reusable -- A TigerJS component for one app is a component for any app. TigerJS uses standard JS design patterns, and modules can be included in Tiger and non-Tiger apps.

  • simple -- TigerJS Is Just JavaScript. It is easy to debug and includes several tools to make Titanium development easy, without obscuring what happens under-the-hood.

This Todo app strives to showcase these principles and inspire you to create your own TigerJS module or application!

Important note: Although the current version of this app is built in CoffeeScript, one of the best features of Spine/Tiger's class system is its included shims, providing the same functionality in Vanilla JS as in Coffee.

##TigerJS Todo structure

/src/coffee               CoffeeScript source files for compilation into Resources/
/src/coffee/    Root controller (becomes /Resources/app.js)
/Resources/lib            Where the Tiger libs are

CoffeeScript files can be compiled with Jake, Cake, or manually. However, Tiger was designed with Tintan in mind, a CoffeeScript build system for Titanium Mobile. Tintan is (mostly) a wrapper around Jake tasks that makes it painless to call the Titanium python/JS build scripts.

Files created by tintan boot:init

/package.json             Standard npm package description for the Titanium app
/          App-specific Tintan/Jake tasks
/plugins/tintan/ Titanium build plugin (ensures pre-build CoffeeScript compilation)

##TigerJS MVC/MVVM Separation of Concerns

TigerJS uses CommonJS and prototypal inheritance to quickly create powerful components. Each file has self-contained logic, exported as a CommonJS module. Modules communicate using the SpineJS event system and public methods.


Business logic, validation, data conversion. Collections are Classes, and entries are Instances. Creates an in-memory JS object store that can be persisted through adapters, such as the TigerDB adapter for the app SQLite database. Complex model relations are available with tiger.relation.


Style, layout, reactionary view manipulation. TigerJS wraps all Titanium elements in extendable Classes, and Views are typically extensions of those classes. To make Views more reusable, all data-binding logic is in the Controller. Rather than IDs or ClassNames, Views expose elements as object pointers on the View instance (i.e. view.header).


Data-binding, inter-app communication, coordination. Defines which views go with what data and when. Talks to other controllers through routing, events, and public methods. Only controllers should address Models and Views.

Stuff our legal folk make us say:

Appcelerator, Appcelerator Titanium and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Appcelerator, Inc.

Titanium is Copyright (c) 2008-2013 by Appcelerator, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

TigerJS is licensed under the MIT License. Please see the LICENSE file for the full license.