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Developer SDK for Double 3 telepresence robot platform
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Double 3 Developer Examples

First, your Double 3 will need to be put into developer mode. Please contact to do this.

Open the Developer Monitor of your D3 in Chrome on your computer by visiting: http://YOUR_D3_IP:8080. You can find your D3's local IP by tapping the WiFi icon on the default standby screen.


  1. standby-basic - This example shows the most basic usage of displaying a page on screen, sending commands via DRDoubleSDK and processing incoming events.


  • lists all commands and events.
  • D3 System Diagram shows how the hardware sensors, system daemons, GUI, and servers interconnect.

D3 System Diagram

Debug Monitor

When in developer mode, this tool is accessible over your local network to see and control what your D3 is doing. This tool uses the same API commands that you will use in your standby screen or native application to communicate with the D3 system.

D3 Debug Monitor

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