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Ad Wizard plugin for Craft CMS
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Ad Wizard plugin for Craft CMS

Easily manage custom advertisements on your website.

This version is for Craft 3. To install it, visit the Plugin Store in your site's Control Panel.

For the Craft 2 version, see

Create Ads

Manage your ads in the Craft control panel by clicking the "Ad Wizard" tab.

Before you can create any Ads, you will first need to create at least one Group. Every ad you create will belong to a specific group. Once you've created your ads, you'll then be able to embed them into your Twig templates.

Embed Ads

You have two Twig tags available to you...

Render a random ad from a specific group. Specify the group by its handle.

{{ craft.adWizard.randomizeAdGroup('rightSidebar') }}

Render a single, specific ad. Specify the ad by its ID number.

{{ craft.adWizard.displayAd(42) }}

Both methods can display an ad until:

  • The ad expires, or
  • The ad reaches the maximum allowed impressions, or
  • The ad is manually disabled.

Read more about embedding ads...

Track Views & Clicks

From the control panel Dashboard, click the settings icon. You can click the "New Widget" button to add a new widget to your dashboard.

Two new widget types will be available to you:

  • Ad Timeline - A line chart showing the view/click trends of a single ad over time.
  • Group Totals - A bar chart showing the total views/clicks for each ad in a specified group.

Use Image Transforms (supports Retina display)

You can easily apply an image transform to your ads...

{{ craft.adWizard.randomizeAdGroup('rightSidebar', 'large') }}

Passing true as the third parameter will display a retina (2x) image.

{{ craft.adWizard.randomizeAdGroup('rightSidebar', 'large', true) }}

Read more about the image transform and retina options in the full documentation...

Anything else?

We've got other plugins too!

Check out the full catalog at

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