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Matrix Colors plugin for Craft CMS

Identify your Matrix blocks by giving each type a different color.

  • NEW: Added support for Neo block types!

How to Install

See official installation instructions on the Craft CMS Plugin Store...

Managing Block Colors

Once the plugin is installed, manage the colors of your Matrix block types (or Neo block types) by going to:

Settings > Plugins > Matrix Colors

Screenshot of navigating to the plugin's settings page

Basic Usage

To set the background color of a Matrix (or Neo) block type, enter the block type handle and desired CSS color.

Example of block type settings page

Here's what that looks like in a Matrix field...

Example of Matrix field using colorized blocks

Repeat for every block type which you'd like to assign a color to.

You can use any colors you want, but pastels (lighter colors) tend to look better.

Shared Colors for Multiple Block Types

You can easily specify the same color for multiple block types. Either give each block type its own row, or list them all together using commas to separate each block type handle.

Example of multiple block types sharing the same color

Neo Support

If you are also using the Neo plugin, you can similarly color your Neo blocks.

Simply declare your Neo block type handles alongside their assigned colors, just as you would with Matrix block type handles.

Anything else?

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