Erlang OTP-based MySQL Client
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OTP-based MySQL Client


Starting server:

mysql:start_link(mysql_client, "localhost", 3306, <<"root">>, <<"password">>, <<"test">>).

Note: the client starts with a single TCP connection to the MySQL server. This connection is persistent. However, if a new request is made and all opened connections are busy, a new persistent connection is created.

Basic query:

{FieldsList, RowsList} = mysql:do(mysql_client, "SELECT * FROM test_table").


By default, Fields and Rows lists are reversed, just to avoid extra lists:reverse() calls. This can be overridden by specifying the order option: {FieldsList, RowsList} = mysql:do(mysql_client, "SELECT * FROM test_table", [order]).

Results as key-value pairs:

{FieldsList, RowsList} = mysql:do(mysql_client, "SELECT * FROM test_table", [kv]),
[Row | _RestRows] = RowsList,
Value = proplists:get_value("id", Row).

Some basic type conversion for the results (currently only for numerical values):

{FieldsList, RowsList} = mysql:do(mysql_client, "SELECT * FROM test_table", [type]),