Utilities for working with Arguments object.
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arguments-extended is a Javascript library that provides utilities for working with the arguments object. arguments-extended can be used as a monad library or each function can be used standalone.

arguments-extended can be used standalone or incorporated into extended

var args = require("arguments-extended");


var args = require("extended")


npm install arguments-extended

Or download the source (minified)


toArray() argsToArray()

Function to convert arguments to an array. If you are using arguments-extended as a monad use the toArray method, if your using the standalone method use argsToArray

To use as a monad.

function argsToArray(){
    return args(arguments).toArray().value();

argsToArray("a", "b", "c"); //["a", "b", "c"];

To use a a function

function argsToArray(){
    return args.argsToArray(arguments);

argsToArray("a", "b", "c"); //["a", "b", "c"];

You may also specify a slice argument to slice a number of arguments off of the front of returned array

function argsToArray(){
    return args(arguments).toArray(1).value();

argsToArray("a", "b", "c"); //["b", "c"];
function argsToArray(){
    return args.argsToArray(arguments, 1);

argsToArray("a", "b", "c"); //["b", "c"];