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Trying to install #13

jeremylightsmith opened this Issue Mar 1, 2011 · 1 comment

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I am a developer and just trying to get this all installed.

I was able to run the backend / cv / extension with code from december, but couldn't actually get the demos to work. it seems like everything is talking to everything else, but not sure how to actually get started.

I can also run the current code, and load it as a chrome extension, it opens the first / second / blob windows, but when I click the extension icon in the toolbar, I get a webpage not found error.

I'd love to get started, and I'd even love to help out if it wouldn't take much to get you guys to the next place.


I really do not see the point of not having a proper start guide for people that want to use this thing.
Can't somebody invest an hour of their time and explain how to build this thing for mere mortals?
It is ridiculous to have a start guide that tells you go and watch some tutorials (not really telling which), it is very simple - what?

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