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Windows 7 64 Bit Support #29

chumphries opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I am trying to get the depthjs plugin to work with Windows 7 64 bit and have installed all the OpenNI modules, but I get:

-- Could NOT find OpenNI (missing: OpenNI_LIBRARY)
-- Can't find OpenNI!

I have no problem with NITE, but I cannot get OpenNI to work. Does depthjs work on 64 bit Windows 7?


@chumphries You should be able to build once you sort out the OpenNI location.
By default the CMake script is looking in C:\Program Files\OpenNI (and the same for D drive), which is usually where the OpenNI installer puts things.. (maybe it's in the C:\Program Files (x86)\ directory)
You may want to point CMake to exact place where OpenNI is by something like:
${DepthJS}\firebreath-plugin> ${FireBreath}/prep2010.cmd . "-DOpenNI_INCLUDE_DIR=C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenNI"


edit file doug-depthjs\firebreath-plugin\cmake\FindOpenNI.cmake:
change line 21 :SET(OPENNI_LIB_SEARCH_PATHS "C:/Program Files/OpenNI/Lib64/" "D:/Program Files/OpenNI/Lib64/")
change line 42: NAMES OpenNI64

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