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blobs not showing up in any page. #41

tan-c opened this Issue · 1 comment

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i have installed the plugin on chorme (22.0) on mac(10.7.4). The kinect works find on the OpenNI samples, and when i got to the test page it shows both kinect and plugin are in place. but no hand in view.

The blob is not showing up on any page. when i check the background.html it gives me this error:

Refused to execute inline script because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "script-src 'self' chrome-extension-resource:".

Depthjs seems to be running,

depthjspluginAPI: start DepthJS backend.js:142
depthjsplugin::RunDepthJS backend.js:142
depthjsplugin::RunDepthJS - thread running? backend.js:142
Successfully acquired Kinect event monitor from plugin! backend.js:145
Init complete root.js:48
OpenNIBackend: start openni backend thread undefined:1
event port connected chrome.js:14

But i keep getting this assertion failed error, which is kinda beyond my understanding.

Assertion failed: chrome.js:13
(anonymous function) chrome.js:13
chrome.Event.dispatchToListener event_bindings:379
chrome.Event.dispatch_ event_bindings:365
chrome.Event.dispatch event_bindings:385

I have the feeling that the kinect is working as the red light is on (just like it does when i run those openNI samples) but as the blobs not showing up i cannot trace my hand or do anything. Anyone has similar issue here?


Sorry @u0909067, I am just now seeing this as I was pretty involved with the hurricane and election projects.

On the linked demo page it calls the depth.js script which overrides the blue hand blob or selector. If it is working you should be able to give a push action and see the X,Y and Z cords change as well as a test output of the gestures detected. I know when using I have seen and used the blue selector of you can test on this site I am working on (mute your speakers as the video will drive you crazy in testing!) .

I uninstalled and reinstalled the chrome plugin using the latest from this repository to make sure we have the same version. I can confirm the same errors but mine works despite those error.

I don't understand the first error listed concerning inline scripts on background.html as I am 100% sure all of the inline scripts were removed.

I don't think I have helped you much but to say that despite the errors I have been able to get it to work properly.

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