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I was trying to get this up and running but I found that most tutorials on setting up OpenNI are outdated and have broken links and installing it on my Ubuntu 13 so far has not been successful. Looks like you guys were working on a one click installer, any news with that ?
@doug , I was wondering if the repository is still maintained and would get support if I used it.

doug commented Nov 1, 2013

I would not say support is likely. @royshil has valiantly continued to make updates to try and keep it working, but no one is actively developing the code. The approach of Firebreath build and OpenNI backend is good, but staying up to date is hard, so the only way this would be maintained long term is if it somehow started to develop a larger community of volunteers producing pull requests and edits or if someone wanted to pay somebody to work on it. Maybe a wrapper listed on the openni site would work for you, though I'll admit I have not tried any of them. @royshil can correct me if I'm wrong since he has been the most recent one to commit.

royshil commented Nov 4, 2013

I've planned on moving to OpenNI 2.x but couldn't get to it.
Also, NPAPI plugins are being abandoned for vertical technologies from each browser vendor. Chrome will drop NPAPI in a matter of months, FireFox at the end of this year, and Safari is already past them.
There is no future in NPAPI, and therefore - for this approach to depth.js.
The firebreath website offers some alternatives, but all are bleak:

doug commented Nov 4, 2013

I thought about trying to wrap this: but didn't get very far. In light of the recent down turn of NPAPI it looks difficult to maintain depth.js as is. Could OpenNI 2.x be compiled with NaCl and then the usb interface be done over The nice thing about this approach would be a user could install an chrome app and not have to ever think about an extra plugin or download anything at all. The downside of course is it would be Chrome only.


Hi guys! Are there any news about this NaCl approach?

doug commented Mar 5, 2014

No progress with this approach has been made. Another element would be to
make this a packaged app with NaCL using the usb access api But again, it doesn't seem like any
of the principles have spare cycles, including myself. I would encourage
you to give it a shot if you are interested. Otherwise maybe something like
node-kinect would be better

On Fri Feb 28 2014 at 7:49:04 PM, MirkoGelsomini

Hi guys! Are there any news about this NaCl approach?

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