simple temporary storage in memcache on app engine via urls
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Hash The Planet

A simple tool for storing temporary data in a central location.

"You know when you go to the mall and your mom tells you if we get seperated meet up right here. Well, for your code, that place is"

Here is the source:

If you use it a lot run your own on app engine as I only have so many memcache calls.

This is not intended to be a frontend to memcache, this is for config files that I want to be able to access. Or being able to post the temporary ip address of something I'm configuring. Or sharing some snipppet with a friend for only a short while. Some global hash to some arbitrary transient value. The content can be any string including html if you want if formated when returned, but probably something like json is a good choice.

It is all backed by App Engine and Memcache.


Read Data

curl -X GET

Set Data

curl -X POST

Delete Data

curl -X DELETE


For convenience a read call with a secret acts as a post to set the data.

curl -X GET
curl -X POST

This is so you can just do it from the browser window.