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Theme Hooks -- Let's get on it!
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Theme Hook Alliance

What? ##

Child theme authors and plugin developers need a consistent set of entry points to allow for easy customization and altering of functionality. Core WordPress offers a suite of action hooks and template tags but does not cover many of the common use cases. The Theme Hook Alliance is a community-driven effort to agree on a set of third-party action hooks that THA themes pledge to implement in order to give that desired consistency.


There have been discussions about implementing a common set of hooks, a Trac ticket and even an initial pass at implementing something similar. However, for whatever reason[s], these efforts have not gained traction. I proposed this third-party solution here and this project is intended to be an implementation of these goals.


  • Hooks should be of the form tha_ + [section of the theme] + _[placement within block].
  • Hooks should be named based upon the generally-accepted semantic name for the section of a theme they cover, e.g., tha_content_* should refer to the section/block of a theme containing the content (or "The Loop"), while tha_sidebar_* would refer to the sidebars generally called by get_sidebar().
  • Hooks should be suffixed based upon their placement within a block.
    • Hooks immediately preceding a block should use _before.
    • Hooks immediately following a block should use _after.
    • Hooks placed at the very beginning of a block should use _top.
    • Hooks placed at the very end of a block should use _bottom.
  • If the theme section covered by a hook can contain multiple semantic elements, it should be pluralized. (Primarily applies to tha_sidebars_before/after in the early goings.)
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