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Quick reference sheets for Vagrant commands
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Quick reference sheets for Vagrant commands. There are two files:

  • The compact version, minimal explanation.
  • The verbose version, explains each command

If you want to print from the GitHub rendered page for one of the files, you might want to check out this bookmarklet, which will remove a lot of the extra page decorations:

Paste the JavaScript snippet as a URL in browser bookmark, and put the bookmark on your toolbar. Visit any GitHub markdown file, click the bookmarklet in your toolbar, and print!

Pull-requests welcome!


I copied/modified this information from the Vagrant documentation web site. The Vagrant project itself is Open Source Software under the MIT License, and so are these files.

While I have tried to be careful in my edits, it is possible I could have introduced errors. So again, there is no implied warranty to this information, and it is provided on an "as-is" basis. If you become aware of any errors, I would welcome corrections.

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