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General repository of small scripts and applications


Aid to writing letters using PanDoc + LaTeX to create a PDF output file. Includes two support files for copying into ~/.pandoc:

  • input/letter.markdown

    The raw letter template, which contains a YAML metadata block with all the variables needed to write a basic letter. It should be edited to contain your name and address for ease of use.

    The content of the letter goes below the block. You don't need to write a sign-off at the end as that will be dealt with automatically.

  • templates/letter.latex

    The LaTeX template use for converting to a PDF, essentially using the standard "letter" class that comes with your TeX distribution.

    If you inserted a recipient's name in the metadata your letter you'll get "Dear $name" and "Yours sincerely", otherwise "Dear Sir or Madam" and "Yours faithfully". If you want to fiddle with any of this stuff it's all in this template file.

To invoke manually:

pandoc --to latex --template letter in.markdown -o out.pdf

To use the support script:

writeletter new in.markdown
# creates a fresh markdown file
writeletter make in.markdown
# converts to PDF (appends .pdf to name)