A pre-processor for ethereum CLL to allow for comments and constants
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Ethereum CLL Preprocessor


  • Allows you to enter c-like // comments
// This is a comment.
val = tx.data[0]
other = tx.data[1] // so is this.
   and blocks
   like so 
  • Strips empty lines.

  • Allows you to use c++ preprocessor-like defines

#define STATIC_ADDRESS 1001
contract.storage[STATIC_ADDRESS] = 257
  • Compiles your code using a branch of the Ethereum CLL Compiler: https://github.com/ethereum/compiler

  • Allows you to compile just a snippet of code by deliminating the rest of the code with 3-or-more = signs (handy for debugging, or making reference code / notes)

// This gets processed.
foo = 1 + 2
contract.storage[100] = foo
// This won't get processed.
bar = 3 + 4
contract.storage[101] = bar

Extra Language Benefits

Carries a PoC3 compatible branch of the CLL Compiler as a submodule, which has some modifications.

One of which is it allows you to define functions.

// Define a function.
def timesten(multiply):
    result = multiply * 10
    contract.storage[1024] = result
    return result

// And call it.
contract.storage[2048] = timesten(50)

...You can use multiple parameters, too. Such as def multiparam(foo,bar,quux) and call it like multiparam(1,2,3)


Right now, it just outputs the compiled code to stdout, and you copy and paste it. All you have to do is call the bash script using your .cll file location as the first parameter.

To just simply compile a .cll file, call the compile.sh script like so:

./compile.sh yourfile.cll

Try it with the included cll file.

./compile.sh example.cll

If you're looking to "inspect" the compiled EVM3-ASM, you can call it with the -i flag:

./compile.sh example.cll -i

And if you want to further trace something in that EVM3-ASM, you can add a regex which will point out the lines which match your regex, a la:

./compile.sh example.cll -i -t "JMP$" 

Which would match all JMP instructions, but not JMPI instructions.


You just have to init the submodules, and update, which will clone the other projects.

[user@host dir]$ git submodule init
[user@host dir]$ git submodule update

The submodules it includes are:

To Do

  • Still more