Spin up a Kubernetes 1.5 cluster on CentOS virtual machines
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Install kubernetes 1.5 on a cluster of CentOS VMs, including CNI pod networking (defaults to Flannel, also supports Weave, and looks to other plugins for future versions).

Want some more detail?

This document is... Kind of terse. Want a complete walkthrough? Check out my blog article detailing how to get it going from scratch.


Playbook Inventory Purpose
virt-host-setup.yml ./inventory/virthost.inventory Provision a virtual machine host
kube-install.yml ./inventory/vms.inventory Install and configure a k8s cluster
kube-teardown.yml ./inventory/vms.inventory Runs kubeadm reset on all nodes to tear down k8s
vm-teardown.yml ./inventory/virthost.inventory Destroys VMs on the virtual machine host
multus-cni.yml ./inventory/vms.inventory Compiles multus-cni

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Step 1. Modify ./inventory/virthost.inventory to setup a virt host (skip to step 2 if you already have an inventory)

ansible-playbook -i inventory/virthost.inventory virt-host-setup.yml 

Step 2. Modify ./inventory/vms.inventory Setup kube on all the hosts. If you used step 1, towards the end of the output there there will be hints on which IPs for each VM created.

ansible-playbook -i inventory/vms.inventory kube-install.yml

Want more VMs? Edit the ./vars/all.yml and add them to the list (and then later to your inventory in step 2)


Initially inspired by: