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obs-ios-camera-source Linux branch

This is a fork of obs-ios-camera-source that supports Linux.

To use this you use the accompanying iOS app to begin streaming in OBS.


Ubuntu 22.04 (and possibly other distros), 20.04, and 18.04

(Confirmed working on Manjaro as of 06 Oct 2022 by @seffyroff)

Go to the releases section of this repository and download the latest release. After downloading, place the zip file in your home directory and run:

unzip plugin-ubuntu-*.zip

You must have the unzip package installed for this to work: sudo apt install unzip.


Ubuntu 22.04/20.04/18.04

  • Make sure you have the universe and multiverse repositories enabled so you will have access to FFmpeg.
  • Install OBS Studio using the Ubuntu instructions on the OBS wiki.
    • This should install the headers and CMake files necessary for compiling against libobs. It does on Ubuntu; I can't speak for other distros.
  • Install prerequisites: sudo apt install build-essential git cmake libavcodec-dev libssl-dev pkg-config
  • Download this plugin source code:
    • git clone
  • Build the plugin:
    • cd obs-ios-camera-source
    • mkdir build
    • cd build
    • cmake ..
    • make -j$(nproc)
  • Manually install the plugin by copying relevant files into your OBS plugins directory (assuming 64-bit Linux):
    • mkdir -p ~/.config/obs-studio/plugins/obs-ios-camera-source/data/locale
    • mkdir -p ~/.config/obs-studio/plugins/obs-ios-camera-source/bin/64bit
    • cp ../data/locale/en-US.ini ~/.config/obs-studio/plugins/obs-ios-camera-source/data/locale/
    • cp ~/.config/obs-studio/plugins/obs-ios-camera-source/bin/64bit/

Note for Ubuntu 18.04 users: this plugin now requires a newer version of CMake than what was bundled originally. Either use the premade binaries, or upgrade your CMake.

Fedora 36

  • Install OBS Studio using the Fedora instructions on the OBS wiki.
  • Install prerequisites: sudo dnf install obs-studio-devel cmake openssl-devel git make automake gcc gcc-c++ ffmpeg-devel
  • Follow the same instructions as Ubuntu starting from "Download this plugin source code"


  • Install OBS Studio using the Arch instructions on the OBS wiki.
  • Install prerequisites: sudo pacman -S git make gcc cmake pkg-config
  • Follow the same instructions as Ubuntu starting from "Download this plugin source code"

Other distros

  • As you can see from the different sections above, the instructions are pretty much the same on all distros. You basically just have to make sure you have FFmpeg, OpenSSL, and libobs development packages installed, along with git, pkg-config, cmake, make, and gcc. CMake should handle everything for you after all the prerequisites are installed.

Special thanks

  • wtsnz for creating an awesome plugin/app for using your iOS camera in OBS!


Use your iPhone camera as a video source in OBS Studio and stream high quality video from your iPhone's camera over USB







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