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Safari Books Online

Safari Books Online is the premier on-demand digital library providing over 43,000 technology, digital media, and business books and videos online to academic and library users. Access is free for library card holders.

Mid-Continent Public Library access

How to get a library card

  • An account is free for Kansas City, MO residents.
  • Johnson Co. has reciprocal account agreement so you can get a free JoCo card and then show it to MCPL.
  • Paid access outside of MO area is $55 / year.
  • See the MCPL FAQ on How can I get a library card?.

Safari Books Online Book Categories

  • Lean Startup
  • Java Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Apple Development
  • Web Development
  • Microsoft Development
  • Game Programming
  • Databases
  • Project Management
  • Windows Server Administration
  • Network Administration
  • Security
  • Digital Media
  • Business
  • Desktop and Web Applications
  • Digital Media
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology & Software Development
  • Math & Science
  • Personal & Professional Development

Updated 3/30/2017