Presentations and summaries from past NYC Telephony Hacker Meetups.
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NYC Telephony Hacker Meetup

Presentations and summaries from our past Meetups. Drop me an line if you'd like me to add anything doug[at]douglascrescenzi[dot]com.

January 28th

We were forutnate to have been joined by Adam Kalsey from Voxeo Labs' Phono team. Also, our NYC friends at OnSIP swung by and gave an awesome demo.
Phono (Voxeo Labs)

Adam Kalsey - Phono's product manager - joined us to discuss the Phono jQuery plugin and JS library that turns any web browser into a phone.


Will Mitchell - OnSIP's lead engineer - joined us to demonstrate OnSIP's business phone and vritual PBX service. Will walked through using OnSIP's webservices API, their XMPP API and their Osprey.js API. Osprey.js has the flexibility to seamlessly integrate a web phone product basically anywhere.

December 17th

We were forutnate to have speakers from two awesome companies join us virtually from San Francisco.


Darren Schreiber - CEO/Co-founder of 2600hz - joined us to discuss their API-based voice, SMS and video communications platform. We ran through the history of the 2600hz project and the problem space they're addressing. Darren was also kind enough to give us a demo regarding how 2600hz can be used to build a conference service. [Slides coming soon]


Anil Kumar and Karthik Kothandaraman - Co-founders of TenHands - joined us to discuss their new cloud API which makes it easy to add HD video calling and instant messaging to WebRTC applications with just a few lines of code.