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This is a fork of pyparadigm's SublimeBrackets I forked this to fix some issues I had and to add some features I wanted. I also wanted to improve the efficiency of the matching. I also merged in pyparadigm's SublimeTagmatcher as well. This cuts down on the parallel searching that is now streamlined in one search.


The 10/05/11 commit will changes shortcuts. I apologize for this, but it was needed. If the default shorcuts are undesirable, I am open to coming up with better ones.


  • Must be running Sublime Text 2 Build 2108 or higher.
  • Drop the folder into your Sublime Text 2 packages directory.
  • You may need to restart Sublime Text 2


  • Customizable highlighting of brackets (),[],<>,{}
  • Customizable highlighting of Tags (supports unary tags and supports self closing /> (HTML5 coming))
  • Customizable highlighting of quotes
  • Selectively disable or enable specific matching of tags, brackets, or quotes
  • Selectively whitelist or blacklist matching of specific tags, brackets, or quotes based on language
  • When using on demand shortcut, show line count and char count between match in the status bar
  • Shortcuts for moving cursor to beginning or end of bracketed content (will focus on beginning or end bracket if not currently multi-selecting)
  • Shortcut for selecting all of the bracketed content
  • Shortcut for chaning quote style (accounts for escaped quotes as well)
  • Works with multi-select


  • Open BracketHighlighter.sublime-settings and configure your preferences (can be accessed from menu).
  • Change the scope, highlight style, icon for bracket types, which brackets to match, set search thresholds, etc.
  • Save the file and your options should take effect immediately.


Options Screenshot