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Creating objects for testing shouldn't hurt

model_mommy is a tool for creating objects for testing in Django, inspired in ruby's ObjectDaddy and FactoryGirl. It generate the values according with the field type, but i will add support to custom values as well.


pip install model_mommy

Basic Usage:

If you have a model like this in your app:

class Kid(models.Model):
    happy = models.BooleanField()
    name = models.CharField(max_length=30)
    age = models.IntegerField()
    bio = models.TextField()
    wanted_games_qtd = models.BigIntegerField()
    birthday = models.DateField()
    appointment = models.DateTimeField()

just call the mommy =):

from model_mommy import mommy
from model_mommy.models import Kid

kid = mommy.make_one(Kid)

and your object is created! No boring attributes passing like 'foobar' every damn time.

mommy also handles relationships. Suppose the kid has a dog:

class Dog(models.Model):
    owner = models.ForeignKey('Kid')

when you do:

rex = mommy.make_one(Dog)

it will also create the Kid, automatically.

You can also specify values for one or more attribute.

another_kid = mommy.make_one(Kid, age = 3)
assert another_kid.age == 3

But, if don't need a persisted object, mommy can handle this for you as well:

from model_mommy import mommy
from model_mommy.models import Kid

kid = mommy.prepare_one(Kid)

It works like make_one, but like was said, it doesn't persist the instance.

Extending Mommy

All attributes used to automatically populate mommy generated instances are created with generators from model_mommy/generators.py. if you want a specific field to be populated with a different generator from the default generator, you must extend the mommy class to get this behavior. let's see a example:

gen_newborn_age = lambda:0

class BabeMommy(Mommy):
    attr_mapping = {'age':gen_newborn_age}

mom = BabeMommy(Kid)
baby = mom.make_one()

If the generator requires a attribute from the field as argument, you could do something like this:

gen_name_from_default = lambda default_value:default_value
gen_name_from_default.required = ['default']

You can also override the type_mapping, if you want to all values from a given Field to be populate with a value you prefer, you could do:

class TimeCopMommy(Mommy):
    def __init__(self, model, fill_nullables=True):
        super(Mommy, self).__init__(model, fill_nullables)
        self.type_mapping[DateField] = datetime.date(2011, 02, 02)

When you shouldn't let mommy do the things for you:

If you have a field that has any special validation, you should set the value by yourself. model_mommy should be used to handle the fields that doesn't have relation with the test that you're doing at the moment and don't require special validation(like unique, etc), but still required in order to create the object.

Doubts? Loved it? Hated it? Suggestions?

Mail us!:

  • vanderson.mota at gmail dot com
  • italo.maia at gmail dot com

Currently supports the fields:

CharField, TextField, FloatField, ForeignKey, Date and DateTimeField, BooleanField, URLField, and all the integer-type Fields