A simple checklist to improve your WordPress site Ranking.
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WordPress SEO Checklist

A simple checklist to improve your WordPress site Ranking.


  • Strict usage of domain with or without www
  • Install Google Analytics
  • Setup Google Search Console
  • Setup permalink structure with Post Name (Friendly URLs)
  • Install a WordPress SEO Plugin (Yoast SEO)
  • Pages can be indexed
  • HTTPS is used on all pages
  • Sitemap is available (Yoast SEO)
    • Remove tags from sitemap
    • Don't index image attachment pages
    • Send sitemap to Google Search Console
  • Robots.txt is available
  • Structured data is used where possible
    • Test structured data (Google structured data testing tool)
  • Social markup
  • Breadcrumbs
  • 404 page is available
  • Correct language set in HTML tag
  • Charset is set
  • HTML is valid
  • Is mobile friendly (Google's mobile friendly testing tool)


  • JavaScript combined in one file
  • JavaScript minified
  • JavaScript is compressed
  • No JavaScript inline
  • CSS combined in one file
  • CSS minified
  • CSS is compressed
  • CSS: No usage of @import
  • No CSS inline
  • HTML minified
  • Static files are compressed with gzip or brotli
  • Static files are pre-compressed on the server
  • HTML is compressed with gzip or brotli
  • Usage of correct image formats
  • Usage of responsive images
  • Images are optimized (TinyPNG for WordPress)
  • Image are cached in the browser
  • SVG files are minized
  • SVG files are used where possible
  • Only fonts that are used are loaded
  • Browser cache is used efficiently
  • Expires, cache-control and max-age headers for static resources is set to 1 year


  • Header tags used
  • Meta descriptions used
  • All images have alt text
  • Add internal links (at least 3-5 links)
  • Add external links (at least 2 links)
  • All external links open in new tab or window
  • No Duplicate Content
  • Focus keyword optimization
    • Title
    • First paragraph
    • Permalink
    • Image alt text
    • Content
    • Meta description
  • Yoast analysis of all post


MIT License © WordPress SEO Checklist