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@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall add generated table of phoneme counts for various dictionaries Aug 17, 2012 333527a
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall espeak-arpabet pages based on commit e7aaa363 (more diphthongs) Aug 10, 2012 1c65ecb
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall ignore backups~ Aug 10, 2012 e9d031b
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall espeak IPA pronunciations by translated into arpabet (based on e7aaa3638) Aug 10, 2012 fda57eb
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall typo in extracting utterances markup Aug 3, 2012 6ecb4c5
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall Notes about finding utterances in long featureless recordings Aug 3, 2012 1121d01
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall Add some more espeak accent test pages Aug 1, 2012 b0d6bc8
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall remove duplicates from espeak example Jul 31, 2012 5f7b1bb
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall Test dictionary generated by espeak G2P Jul 31, 2012 7572fbd
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall Word list reports with absent terms noted. Also adding Voxforge dict Voxforge looks a bit like a cmudict fork, with schwa's (ax) added. Jul 31, 2012 4897ee5
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall Wictionary reads word list (badly, not entirely its fault) Jul 31, 2012 52c54bb
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall add link to new cmudict wordlist Jul 29, 2012 f55dd05
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall I didn't like that phrase Jul 29, 2012 8b3c0fb
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall Redo word-lists with proper handling of duplicate entries The previous version got the markdown wrong if the dictionary had more than one definition, as is often the case. New script: \#!/bin/sh WORDSET=$1 DICT=$2 echo "#" looking up $(basename $WORDSET) in $(basename $DICT) echo 'Generated by `' $0 $@ '`'. while read -r line; do echo echo "## $line" echo for word in $line; do grep -i "^$word[([:space:]]" $DICT | while read -r result; do echo " $result" done done done < $WORDSET Jul 29, 2012 80c8908
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall Add some automatically generated NZE word list readings These were created with the following script -- hopefully they are valid markdown: \#!/bin/sh WORDSET=$1 DICT=$2 echo "# looking up $(basename $WORDSET) in $(basename $DICT)" while read -r line; do echo echo "## $line" echo for word in $line; do echo -n " " grep -i "^$word[([:space:]]" $DICT done done < $WORDSET Jul 29, 2012 cb1ccf7
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall add link to NZE word list Jul 27, 2012 af51865
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall Updated Cmudict's empirical dialect (markdown) Jul 27, 2012 9bd9b6e
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall See what CMU dict says about the wordlist used in the Canterbury Corpus Jul 27, 2012 aeb886e
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall add some more pairs Jul 26, 2012 01808a8
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall Add meat-meet in there Jul 26, 2012 5ca8fab
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall Updated Cmudict's dialect what is it really? (markdown) Jul 26, 2012 1699428
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall Test cmudict against some minimal and not so minimal pairs and tuples Jul 26, 2012 02598c7
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall Page linking to various engines Jul 24, 2012 9ed3211
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall Small update after taking to Bernadette Vine about Wellington Corpus Jul 21, 2012 e310193
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall Updated Acoustic models of New Zealand English (rest) Jul 13, 2012 9c66488
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall Updated Acoustic models of New Zealand English (rest) Jul 5, 2012 ca5b6a8
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall initial description, adaptation vs creation Jul 5, 2012 cc430fb
@douglasbagnall douglasbagnall Initial Commit Jul 5, 2012 7d84537
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