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MIUIBR Rom Downloader

A script to download development MIUI roms for the MIUIBrasil project.

System dependencies

This script is designed to run in any Debian-like Linux. To run it, you'll need to install a few system packages:

[sudo] apt-get install libxml2-dev libxsl1-dev firefox

If you're running the script in text-mode only, please install xvfb as well:

[sudo] apt-get install xvfb

Python dependencies

Simply run python install to install all the script dependencies.


For additional configuration, like log and download destination, see the constants in's beginning. When I have time all those constant will be turned into command line arguments to the script.

Running the script

You can start the script by just running python In my spare time I'll try to turn this script into an egg, put it in PyPI and create an entry point to the main function. This way it's gonna be far more easy to use it.

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