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Multidimensional Knapsack Problem

A repository made to host something like a tiny framework to apply heuristics and metaheuristics to the multidimensional knapsack problem for a college exercise.

To Run

Simply call python You may edit it to use your own created functions or those made by me (see the knapsack folder).


The Knapsack object receives in its constructor the two constraints for the problem (yes, it's still limited to two dimensions, but I'm working on this) and a array of Items that may be added to the knapsack. Each Item have a value and how much of each constraint it consumes. Each additional keyword argument will be converted into an attribute. This will provide some object injection to implement some cool stuff.

To solve the problem, you use the method optimize and pass, in this order: the initial solution function (that will receive the knapsack as its only parameter), the local search function (that will receive the neighborhood function and the knapsack as parameters) and, the last but not least important, the neighborhood function.

Note that it's the local search function responsibility to update the execute movements in the knapsack's actual solution until some criteria is achieved.

So, to clarify: Knapsack.optimize(initial_solution_function, local_search_function, neighborhood_function)

You may use the Movement class to create movements for the problem. It receives two arrays as arguments. The first represents the Items that will be added to the solution and the second (guess what?) the Items that will be removed from the Knapsack. The movement avaliation (how it will affect the solution total value) is accessible through the Movement.movement_avaliation property. You can execute Movements by using the Knapsack.execute_movement(movement) method.

For more useful methods on the Knapsack, like check if an Item can be added or removed from the Knapsack, or if two Items, one out of the Knapsack and on inside it, can be swapped, check knapsack/

You can find examples of initial solution functions, local search functions and neighborhood_functions inside the knapsack folder in the respective files. Note that there's a file with a Tabu Search metaheuristic implementation, which is the focus of this exercise.

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