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One minute tutorial
Hypermedia Implementation
Hypermedia Examples
OpenSearch Examples


This is a one minute guide to get you going with Restfulie Python
We are ready to go, hypermedia supported:

from restfulie import Restfulie

# using restfulie as an http api:
>>> response ='http://localhost:8080/items').accepts('application/xml').get()
>>> print response.body

>>> print response.code

# unmarshalling the items response
>>> r = response.resource()
>>> print len(r.item)
>>> print len(r.item[0].name)

# navigating through hypermedia
# using kwargs as request parameters
>>> result ="self").follow().post(name='New product', price=30)

# or, using a dict as request parameters
>>> parameters = {"name":"New product", "price":30}
>>> result ="self").follow().post(**parameters)

>>> print result.code

This is it. Adding hypermedia capabilities and following links. Now its time to use it in the right way.

Installing Restfulie

On project root, run:

$ python install

If you like to install from pip, run:

pip install restfulie

Or with easy_install:

easy_install restfulie

Installing Restfulie for development

First, create your Makefile based on Makefile.example.

Then, make the installation:

$ make dev

The required dependencies should be installed automatically.

Running tests

On project root, run:

$ make test

To run restfulie-restbuy integration test, first start restfulie-restbuy server and run:

$ python nosetests -i "spec|should"


Alexandre Atoji
Andrew Toshiaki Nakayama Kurauchi
Douglas Camata
Guilherme Silveira
Hugo Lopes Tavares
Marianna Reis
Pedro Matiello
Rodrigo Manhães
Tarsis Azevedo

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