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Getting Started

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  1. Assign the Mass Action Admin permission set to yourself
  2. Switch to Lightning Experience. Configuring this app in Classic is not supported. You do not have to roll out Lightning to your users, but as the admin configuring the tool you must do so in Lightning Experience.
  3. Create a list view or report that identifies the source records you want to process
  4. Create a supported action for Process Builder, Flow, Quick Action, Email Alert, Workflow Rule, or Apex class that you want to invoke on the source records
  5. Navigate to the Mass Action Scheduler app
  6. Click the Mass Action Configurations tab then click New
  7. Fill out the form, clicking Next to advance through the wizard
  8. Once saved, click the Run button to manually run your configuration

Next, check out the example walkthroughs to learn how to use the app and get inspired.

Data Sources

Identify the records you want to process with list views or tabular reports.

Data Sources When to Use
List Views Simple filters. For up to 50 million records.
Reports Complex filters like Cross Filters. For up to ~10 thousand records.
SOQL You know exactly what you want to query and don't want to create a list view or report. For up to 50 million records.
Apex Bring your own class that implements Iterable<Map<String, Object>> if your data is derived from multiple queries or you need to make http callouts to external web services or other custom logic. For up to 50 million records.

Supported Actions

Almost any process automation you configure can be scheduled.

Actions Supported Types
Process Builder Processes that start when invoked by another process
Flows Auto-launched flows (no screens). Any that can be called from Process Builder
Quick Actions Create a Record, Update a Record, and Log a Call types
Email Alerts All
Workflow Rules Active rules
Apex Classes annotated with @InvocableMethod
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