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Release Notes v1.6

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Package Release History > Release Notes > Upgrading to Release 1.6


Lightning Experience Web Page Cache

Due to Lightning Experience web page caching, please log out and log back in after installing the package for UI changes to appear.

Automatic Configuration of Connected App, Auth. Provider, and Named Credential

I like to think that Mass Action Scheduler app is easy to use... after you've got the required authentication items configured. To make it easier for you to get started with Mass Action Scheduler, Release 1.6 provides a Mass Action Auth. Setup page that at the click of a button will automatically create and configure the necessary Connected App, Auth. Provider, and Named Credential for you. I believe you should spend more time using the tool to deliver business value to your users, and spend less time trying to setup the tool.

Page Layouts

Release 1.6 introduces new fields that you may want available on the Details tab and Quick Edit action form.

New Fields

  • Mass Action Configuration Unique Name
  • Description
  • Last Run Completed Date
  • Last Run Completed With Errors

However, page layouts are not upgradeable by managed packages to avoid upgrades overwriting any changes you may have made yourself. Check out the below wiki page links for instructions how to update the page layouts to include the new fields.

How to Customize the Details Page Layout

How to Customize the Quick Edit Page Layout

Mass Action Configuration Unique Names

Release 1.6 introduces a new text field Mass Action Configuration Unique Name. Its purpose is very much the same as any unique/developer name field on Salesforce metadata records. A way to uniquely identify the record without hardcoding the ID because IDs are different from one Salesforce environment to another. This makes it more convenient when, for example, you use Process Builder to run a configuration on-demand with the Apex Action Run Mass Action because you can specify the unique name rather than the record ID.

When installing the managed package, a post install Apex class is ran to automatically populate the new Mass_Action_Configuration__c.DeveloperName__c field with a unique value based on the record's name by replacing whitespace with an underscore (e.g. "My Config" becomes "My_Config"). If two or more records would cause duplicate unique names, then the code appends a random four letter suffix to make the developer name unique (e.g. "My_Config_AYNE"). If there is any error trying to update the records, then the post install script will not populate the new developer name field for the records that error and you will be prompted to specify your own unique name the next time you save the record on the Configuration page.

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