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Hyperlinks in the lectures

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Prof Douglas C. Schmidt: Android Source code:

Google IO video: Anatomy and physiology of Android:

  • Also at:
  • Watch lectures carefully and multiple times. Patterns and frames provided by Android.


  • OS Books:
  • Concurrent programming in Java book:
  • POSA books:

Lectures in Youtube:

Why Concurrency:

  • Simplify program structure
  • Increase performance
  • Improve responsiveness of apps

Course Overview:

Concurrency Challenges:

  • Accidental complexity: tools, use of C libraries, low level API (non POSIX threads in C UNIX)
  • Inherent complexity: deadlock, scheduling, synchronization
  • Wiki old school debugging:
  • Heisenbug:
  • Multithreaded debugging techniques:
  • Race condition:
  • Dynamic analysis and debugging:
  • Synchronization:
  • Deadlock:
  • No Silver Bullet:
  • No Silver Bullet paper:
  • Networked architecture:

Overview of patterns and frameworks:

Other patterns in Android:


Code examples:

HaMeR Framework:

Week2 Links:

Elements of concurrency Framework: