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<title>ADsafe Widget Template</title>
<p>This is the page that will contain the widget.</p>
Load a minifed copy of adsafe.js from your domain. You can combine
it with other js files to minimize HTTP transactions.
<script src="http://www.yourTrustedDomain.../adsafe.js"></script>
The widget is given a name that is all uppercase with a trailing
underbar. That name is used with and ADSAFE.go. It is
also used a prefix on the IDs of HTML elements in the widget.
The widget starts with a div with the widget ID. All of the widget's
material must be inside of the div.
<div id="TEMPLATE_">
HTML markup required by the widget goes here. is used to inform ADsafe about the widget. Use of
is required only if the widget will load library modules.
If library modules are required for the widget, load them here.
<script src="template.js"></script>
ADSAFE.go is passed a function that starts the execution of the widget.
This is required for all widgets.
ADSAFE.go("TEMPLATE_", function (dom, lib) {
'use strict';
// This is where the code for the widget is placed. It can access
// the document through the dom parameter, allowing it indirect
// access to html elements, allowing it to change content, styling,
// and behavior.
// Each library file can give itself a NAME. This program can access
// the library file as lib.NAME. See template.js.
This the end of the widget.
Material that is outside of the div cannot be accessed by the widget.
A page could contain many ADsafe widgets.