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+Douglas Crockford
+Public Domain
+JSCheck is a testing tool for JavaScript. It was inspired by QuickCheck, a
+testing tool for Haskell developed by Koen Claessen and John Hughes of
+Chalmers University of Technology.
+JSCheck is a specification-driven testing tool. From a description of the
+properties of a system, function, or object, it will generate random test
+cases attempting to prove those properties, and then report its findings.
+That can be especially effective in managing the evolution of a program
+because it can show the conformance of new code to old code. It also provides
+an interesting level of self-documentation, because the executable
+specifications it relies on can provide a good view of the workings of a
+All of JSCheck can be loaded from a small file called jscheck.js.
+Its usage is describe in jscheck.html.
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