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@@ -222,15 +222,9 @@ <h1 id=good>Good Parts</h1>
<p><s>J<u>SLint</u></s> can operate on JavaScript source
or <a href="">JSON</a> text.</p>
<h1 id=es6>ECMAScript Sixth Edition</h1>
<p>It may take time for the sixth edition of <i>ECMAScript</i> [ES6] to
reach ubiquity. Using the new features in enviroments that do not fully
implement the new standard will result in failure. This is why
<s>J<u>SLint</u></s> gives warnings when ES6 features are used. Some of
<p>Some of
ES6&rsquo;s features are good, so <s>J<u>SLint</u></s> will recognize the good
parts of ES6 with the <code>es6</code> option. As implementations of the new
standard become more stable and better understood, the set of features
recognized by JSLint may increase. After the transition to ES6 is complete,
the <code>es6</code> option will be dropped.</p>
parts of ES6. </p>
<p>Currently, these features are recognized:</p>
<li>The <code>...</code>&nbsp;<small>ellipsis</small> marker in parameter
@@ -378,21 +372,6 @@ <h1><code>/*jslint*/</code></h1>
<div><code>alert, confirm, console, prompt</code></div>
<code> */</code></blockquote>Be sure to turn this option off before going
into production.</td>
<td>Tolerate the good parts of ES6</td>
<td><code>true</code> if using the good parts of <i>ECMAScript Sixth
Edition</i>. Some ES6 features are still under probation. Some
ES6 features will never be good parts. It adds the
same globals as this directive:
<blockquote><code>/*global </code>
<div><code>ArrayBuffer, DataView, Float32Array, Float64Array,
Int8Array, Int16Array, Int32Array, Intl, Map, Promise,
Proxy, Reflect, Set, Symbol, System, Uint8Array,
Uint8ClampedArray, Uint16Array, Uint32Array, WeakMap,
<code> */</code></blockquote></td>
<td id="eval">Tolerate <code>eval</code></td>
@@ -474,7 +453,7 @@ <h1><code>/*jslint*/</code></h1>
<p>For example:</p>
es6, maxerr: 10, node
bitwise, maxerr: 10, node

<h1 id=property><code>/*property*/</code></h1>
@@ -513,8 +492,7 @@ <h1 id=var><code>var let const</code></h1>
The <code>const</code> statement is like <code>let</code> except that it
marks the variable (but not its contents) as read only, making it an error
to attempt to assign to the variable. When given a choice,
<code>const</code> is the best, <code>var</code> is the worst. Use of
<code>let</code> and <code>const</code> require the <code>es6</code> option.</p>
<code>const</code> is the best, <code>var</code> is the worst. </p>
<p><s>J<u>SLint</u></s> uses the intersection of the <code>var</code> rules and the
<code>let</code> rules, and by doing so avoids the errors related to either.
A name should be declared only once in a function. It should be declared
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
@font-face {
font-family: 'Programma';
font-weight: normal;
src: url('') format('woff');
src: url('Programma-Regular.woff') format('woff');
body {
@@ -369,7 +369,6 @@
<fieldset id=JSLINT_OPTIONS><legend>Options</legend>
<div><label><input title=devel type=checkbox>in development</label></div>
<div><label><input title=es6 type=checkbox>ES6</label></div>
<div><label><input title=browser type=checkbox>a browser</label></div>
<div><label><input title=couch type=checkbox>CouchDB</label></div>
<div><label><input title=node type=checkbox>Node.js</label></div>
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