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JSLint can be run anywhere that JavaScript (or Java) can run. See for example
+The place to express yourself in programming is in the quality of your ideas,
+and the efficiency of execution. The role of style is the same as in
+literature. A great writer doesn't express himself by putting the spaces
+before his commas instead of after, or by putting extra spaces inside his
+parentheses. A great writer will slavishly conform to some rules of style,
+and that in no way constrains his power to express himself creatively.
+See for example William Strunk's The Elements of Style
+This applies to programming as well. Conforming to a consistent style
+improves readability, and frees you to express yourself in ways that matter.
+JSLint here plays the part of a stern but benevolent editor, helping you to
+get the style right so that you can focus your creative energy where it is
+most needed.

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