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@@ -121,22 +121,7 @@ <h2 id=global>Global Variables</h2>
<em>Assume Node.js</em>
(<code>node</code>) <a href="#options">option</a> to predefine globals that are used in the Node.js environment<code></code>. It has the same
effect as this comment:</p>
- Buffer : false,
- clearInterval: false,
- clearTimout : false,
- console : false,
- global : false,
- module : false,
- process : false,
- querystring : false,
- require : false,
- setInterval : false,
- setTimeout : false,
- util : false,
- __filename : false,
- __dirname : false
+<pre>/*global Buffer: false, clearInterval: false, clearTimeout: false, console: false, global: false, module: false, process: false, querystring: false, require: false, setInterval: false, setTimeout: false, util: false, __filename: false, __dirname: false */</pre>
<p id=rhino>Select the <i>Assume Rhino</i> (<code>rhino</code>) <a href="#options">option</a>
to predefine the global properties provided by the Rhino environment.
It has the same effect as this statement:</p>
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