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@@ -498,7 +498,7 @@ <h2 id=options>Options</h2>
<td>Tolerate ES5 syntax</td>
- <td><code>true</code> if ES5 syntax should be allowed.</a></td>
+ <td><code>true</code> if ES5 syntax should be allowed.</a> If is likely that programs using this option will produce syntax errors on ES3 systems.</td>
jkruse added a note

"If" should be "It" ?

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<td>Tolerate <code>eval</code> </td>
@@ -572,10 +572,10 @@ <h2 id=options>Options</h2>
statement to declare global variables in a script file.</td>
- <td>Disallow insecure <code>.</code> and <code>[^</code>...<code>]</code>. in /RegExp/ </td>
+ <td>Disallow <code>.</code> and <code>[^</code>...<code>]</code>. in /RegExp/ </td>
<td><code>true</code> if <code>.</code> and <code>[^</code>...<code>]</code> should not be allowed in RegExp
- literals. These forms should not be used when validating in secure applications.</td>
+ literals. They match more material than might be expected, allowing attackers to confuse applications. These forms should not be used when validating in secure applications. </td>
<td>Assume Rhino </td>

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"If" should be "It" ?



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