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When calling JSLINT(input, options), you aren't currently able to specify the read-only status of predefined global variables unless you use the /*globals foo:true */ in-code comment. The options.predef option is currently restricted to an array of predefined globals, each of which is assumed to be read-only.

This commit adds the ability to specify the predef option as an object, with the variable name as the key and the read-only status as a boolean:

JSLINT(input, {predef: {foo: true, bar: false}});
// Equivalent to having the following comment in the input:
/*globals foo:true, bar */
Allow `predef` option to be an object, to allow the specification of …
…the read-only status of each variable (similar to `/*globals foo:true */`)

douglascrockford commented Dec 2, 2010

Good idea. Thanks.

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