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Created by Chaim Gingold in collaboration with Shawn Douglas for the Douglas Lab, UCSF.

To build

  1. Install Xcode
  2. Download Gelbox repository
  3. Place libcinder 0.9.0 adjacent to Gelbox project directory (or a symbolic link to libcinder; aliases won't work)
  4. Build

Commands and Shortcuts

Command Meaning
Show loupe Hold command key while hovering over gel, or toggle app setting.
Add fixed loupe Hold command key and click in gel. Reposition by dragging. To close, click on loupe then push escape or delete.
Move band Click and drag band. Hold Shift to lock size.
Duplicate band Opt-drag band.
Delete band Select band with mouse and push delete key.
Select next species/band in sample Tab key; shift-tab to reverse.
Clone sample Opt-drag sample tube.
Move sample Drag sample tube to a new well.
Delete sample Drag sample away from gel, and release.
Save and Load
Save gel Cmd-S. Or use app menu.
Open gel Cmd-O, or drag file into window. Or use app menu.
Save selected sample Cmd-Opt-S. Or use app menu.
Load sample Drag sample file into window; can drop it into a specific lane.
Load image Drag image file into window.
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