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Douglas De Rizzo Meneghetti

Hello internet, my name is Douglas De Rizzo Meneghetti. I'm a Ph. D. student in Artificial Intelligence. I'm also a computer programmer/software developer.

In my research career, I've worked with robots and computerized adaptive tests. In my professional career, I've worked with back-end web development and database and server maintenance.

All the interesting projects I am working on are held in my GitHub page. For a mix of my academic and professional experience, please go to my Linkedin profile. I put a lot of effort into keeping it updated. For a list of my (not so impressive) academic achievements, visit my ResearchGate or Google Scholar profiles. If you are from Brazil, you can also check out my Lattes.

Main projects

  • jCAT: a Java EE web application whose purpose is to apply both an electronic version and a computerized adaptive test of Provinha Brasil, a nation-wide educational evaluation for Brazilian students in the second year of basic school.
  • catsim: Computerized Adaptive Testing SIMulator, a Python package that simulates a set of examinees taking a computerized adaptive test. There are different options for initialization, selection and proficiency estimation methods as well as stopping criteria for the test. It is useful for studying item exposure and can also be used to power other applications.
  • Classe-LaTeX-FEI: a LaTeX class used by FEI University Center students to author their term papers, masters dissertations and doctoral theses under the institution typographical rules. It is available on CTAN, which also makes it available in TeX Live, Miktex and MacTeX, and it has a group in Google (in Portuguese) for me to communicate with users.
  • dodoR: an R package that analyzes a response matrix under the 3-parameter logistic model of Item Response Theory (via the package mirt) and produces as output a collection of plots in PDF format regarding test information, item-parameter probability densities and item characteristic curves; information curves; standard error plots and distractor analysis under the nominal response model.

Projects I contribute(d) to:

  • HERA: HERA is a robot used by FEI University Center students to study Human-Robot Interaction (HRI). It is also used by RoboFEI, a team of graduate and undergraduate students, to compete in the Robocup@Home competition. HERA won a few 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the Brazilian and Latin American Robotics Competition. Watch some videos of our robot here.
  • QGSIM (formerly QSIM): A clustering algorithm. I did not develop it, my job was to make it support multithreaded processing.
  • Vehicle-Dynamics-Lateral: a project done in collaboration with a friend to create a simulator of lateral dynamics for simple and articulated vehicles in Matlab. Don't get me wrong, I know absolutely nothing about vehicles, but I know a damn lot about programming.

Popularization of science

I am also a popularizer of science by accident. Whenever I can, I help organize events like the Brazilian Olympiads of Robotics and the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.

More info

If you have any doubts, contact me at douglasrizzom [at] gmail {dot} com.