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*********Please look here ***********

Jibernate/Hibernate module for DataMapper

You have to:

install maven3 (

setup the gems

mvn clean gem:initialize

run the eventlog - list

mvn ruby:jruby -Djruby.args="eventlog.rb list"

run the eventlog - store

mvn ruby:jruby -Dargs="eventlog.rb store something"

run the eventlog - store with rollback

mvn ruby:jruby -Dargs="eventlog.rb store_rollback something"


how to list rake tasks (please note the jruby.rake.args part(var name))

mvn ruby:jruby -Dargs="-S rake -T"

how to run specs?

  • AbstractAdapter specs:

    mvn ruby:jruby -e -Djruby.verbose=true -Dargs="-S rake spec:adapter"

    or mvn test -e -Djruby.verbose=true -Padapter

  • dm-core specs:

    mvn ruby:jruby -e -Djruby.verbose=true -Dargs="-S rake spec:dm"

    or mvn test -e -Djruby.verbose=true -Pdm

  • transient specs:

    mvn ruby:jruby -e -Djruby.verbose=true -Dargs="-S rake spec:transient"

    or mvn test -e -Djruby.verbose=true -Ptransient

you can switch the jruby version by adding to the above commands


Rails 2.3.5 demo

start the server with mvn rails2:server and point your browser to http://localhost:3000/users or http://localhost:3000/maven.html